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After upgrading from HDP 2.2 to HDP 2.3, all kafka topics are unaccessible by producers/consumers.

Expert Contributor

We upgraded our cluster from HDP 2.2.0 to HDP 2.3.

After the upgrade, we check the topics and all topics are still there.

But when trying to produce or even consume messages on all of the topics, we're having errors.

What should I do to fix my issue? I also notice on broker side that the also changed form id=0 to id=1001.

Please help.


Expert Contributor

Thanks @Shishir Saxena. really helped.

Right now, I'm facing another issue when suddenly brokers are not registered on zookeeper.

Producers/Consumers are unable to access topics giving errors.

I'm still not sure if it's zk and kafka version issue on hdp-2.3.2.

@Michael Dennis Uanang Can you please close this issue if it is resolved and open another one ?

I am not clear on new issue. Are you able to write messages to topics but suddenly lose access because brokers are not registered with zookeepers ?

Expert Contributor

Exactly! Will open another one. Thanks!

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