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Alert - Name Node HA and Hive Metastore Process

New Contributor

To test Name Node High Availability alerting I shutdown Active Name node in my dev cluster and saw alerts on it - as expected.

However a less than a minute later there was an alert on Hive Metastore Process. I checked my Hive server and the process was running. What could cause this alert to trigger.

FYI... my Standby Name Node became active as expected. Also NN and Hive are running on two different systems.




Perhaps Hive is pointing to the specific NameNode instance and not by the name service ID.

You can use "hive metatool" to check (and update the pointer). Please see:

New Contributor

Just checked Hive is pointing to nameservice id and not a particular NameNode instance.

New Contributor

hi @Saurabh B did you manage to fix this issue?