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All Services Running, Views say Cluster is Not Connected


So I just very recently installed HDP using the Ambari Install wizard and a local repository. I installed on 5 nodes according to default/suggested options on the wizard. This is my first experience with the Ambari and HDP environment, so I am a bit lost.

After a bit of bug fixing, all of the services are running (dashboard-aug31.png) on all 5 nodes, with no alerts. Yet, the widgets all say n/a or infinitely load, and all of the views are empty with messages like "cluster not connected", "NullPointerException", etc. Obviously there is a large flaw in my setup, and I don't know how to figure out what it is or how to fix it. I can't find anyone posting as to having the same thing happen to them. Does anyone have any ideas?

I haven't started actually using it yet, so there is no data anywhere. Here are screenshots of the views:

yarn-queue-manager.png smartsense-view.png hive-view.png tez-view.png



It was a proxy issue, I restarted everything after configuring the proxy properly and the widgets worked again.

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@Savanna Endicott

You can try below steps -

1. Login to ambari

2. Click on "admin" dropdown ->Manage Ambari -> click on "Views"-Add new view or you can check configuration for existing view.

Pls find below screenshot -




@Sagar Shimpi

I looked at the options for configuring existing views but I don't think this will fix the issue, as I think it is an HDFS connection/installation problem and not just a UI issue do to the errors.

Unless you have an idea for configuration that could fix the "cluster's connection" and the hdfs recognition.

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It seems something is wrong with hdfs, can you try "hdfs dfs -ls /"? If it doesn't work can you go to HDFS->Configs and check "Name node directories" and "Data node directories". Remove any "unwelcome" members from there, like "/tmp" (Ambari will suggest volumes on all mounting points). Then make sure the remaining directories are owned by user "hdfs". [NN dirs must exist on NN and Secondary NN node, DN dirs must exist on all data nodes.] Finally, restart hdfs, and check NN and DN logs in /var/log/hadoop/hdfs.


It seems that there is only one directory in each and they are not "unwelcome", and are owned by hdfs. But thank you for the idea!

[EDIT]: hdfs dfs -ls / did show me 8 items, no errors.


It was a proxy issue, I restarted everything after configuring the proxy properly and the widgets worked again.