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Always get an error attempting to download HDP Sandbox -- all versions, all browsers

New Contributor

I tried to download various versions of the HDP sandbox with Firefox (60.0.1 64-bit), Chrome (66.0.3359.181), and IE (11.0.9600.19002) browsers. Each gives me an error that reads "An error has occured. Please refresh the page and disable any active AdBlock or Popup Blocker extensions. If problems persist please contact your network administrator."

I have Kaspersky and AdBlock installed, but disabled everything that I could find in these. I've also allowed all popups and restarted the browsers.

FWIW: None of the browsers gave any indication a popup window was being attempted.

FWIW2: OS is Windows 7

I'm at a loss as to what to try next. Hints, anyone?




@Steve Rosenberry

Have you tried chrome incognito? Why don't you just uninstall AdBlock and disable all chrome plugin and re-install later?

@Steve Rosenberry - Hmm, very weird - I haven't seen this myself. Aside from trying in private browsing mode, pinging @Peter LaPierre in case he's seen this before.

New Contributor

I went with a different PC...

New Contributor

I have the same problem, I have tried in several computers of my work, even from my house and the result is the same, I tried with the browser firefox developer edition version 65.0b1 (64-bit), chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official build) (64 bits), Brave 0.25.2 (V8 6.9.427.23), including epiphany-browser version 3.22.7, in all browsers in incognito mode and the result was the same, not being able to at home with what I described with the browsers, I tried several machines in my work, we tested in 4 workstation and the same.

I could not try windows because we did not use that operating system, only linux or freebsd, which unfortunately, we would like to test its distribution and tools, we have no choice but to turn to Cloudera.


Brave desactivated the block

Google Chrome-incognito

Can yo help me?


New Contributor

I have opened page source code and downloaded HDP Sandbox with wget.

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