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Amabari-server multinode issues


Amabari-server multinode issues


I have one server and two clients for deploying hartonworks server . I have installed ambari-server in server and deployed Hortonworks in server. My doubt is, am I need to install ambari-server in clients or is SSH it will deploy Hortonworks in client?

What are the steps I have to follow while multimode hortonworks deployment?

I have already created SSH for client and able access client without password but still while deploying only server got success results and others were failure.

Please let me know your suggestion?




Re: Amabari-server multinode issues

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@narender pasunooti

You don't need to install ambari-server on clients. When you add your hosts where you will be running your Hortonworks Data platform, Ambari will automatically install "ambari-agents" so those machines can talk to Ambari-server. That process is automated.

Just follow the instructions on this page.