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Amabri REST API check service status

Hi Guys,

I am trying to check the service status with Ambari rest API, However I am not able to find any documention which explain thing in great details.

For example, If I hit following REST URL


I get following output

"maintenance_state": "OFF",
    "repository_state": "CURRENT",
    "service_name": "HDFS",
    "state": "STARTED"
  "alerts_summary": {
    "CRITICAL": 0,
    "OK": 293,
    "UNKNOWN": 4,
    "WARNING": 0

However, I am not sure how to interpret this things. Should I care about MAINTENANCE, UNKNOWN and WARNING and just checking that nothing CRITICAL is good enough.

This is mainly for developers to understand and track the time how much any service is down.



@Gaurang Shah

Could this be what you are looking for?

Status of HDP components using Ambari API


not exactly, as I mentioned state could either be started or installed only. I was to see if service is facing any issue,