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Ambari 2.7.4 is unable to deploy Ranger

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Hello All,

I am unable to install Ranger using Ambari 2.7.4 on Cent OS 7.8

Rest of the services are running fine.

This is a new/fresh installation.

Details as follows:

Hadoop version: HDP 3.1.4
Ambari version: 2.7.4
Database for all services: postrgesql
Java: openjdk 1.8
OS platform: Cent OS 7.8 
Hardware: Intel xeon powered server.
Virtualizaed: No

Problem statement: Ranger deployment fails
Error in Ambari after deployment:  
1) 500 status code received on PUT method for API: /api/v1/clusters/dmhdp/services/RANGER

Error message: An internal system exception occurred: Invalid transition for service, clusterName=dmhdp, clusterId=2, serviceName=RANGER, currentDesiredState=INIT, newDesiredState=STARTED

Earlier I was getting following error:
0 status code received on POST method for API: /api/v1/stacks/HDP/versions/3.1/recommendations

Error log on the server:
ContainerResponse:423 - The exception contained within MappableContainerException could not be mapped to a response, re-throwing to the HTTP container Early EOF


I have assigned GRANT ALL permissions to rangeradmin DB user for ranger DB tables in postrgesql.




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I observed that yum install ambari-server installs postgresql 9.2.x version which is very very old version.


How to JUST install ambari-server without postgresql?

I can setup a latest copy of ppostgresql before installing ambari-server using yum.


Any work around so that I can link the latest version of postgresql to Ambari



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I tried to remove & reinstall all services.

Now, no services are starting except HDFS,YARN & Hive.


When I am trying to start any service, the error =

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I did a fresh install again.

But Ranger & Ranger KMS is not getting installed via Ambari dashboard.


I keep the default db for Ambari
Default db for Ranger.


Due to the auth issue, I am getting following error when executing hadoop job = Error: Error while processing statement: Permission denied: Principal [name=centos, type=USER] does not have following privileges for operation ADD [ADMIN] (state=,code=1)

Any hints how to fix this issue? Thank you.




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Did you resolve your issue? I am having the same message: 0 status code received on POST method.