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Ambari Alerts notification to create incident ticket.

Hi Team,

I have configured all the Ambari alerts to send a notification to an email id's till today. Now I want to change the process and I want to integrate in such a way that when ever there is an Ambari alert notification I want that to open an incident in Service Now(any ITSM) priority tickets based on the criticality level of alert.

I head that it's possible but not sure. To confirm is this possible? If yes, can some please share the steps to setup?

Any help is highly appreciated and thanks in advance.



Hi @Sridhar Reddy

I don't have a step by step guide, but I believe you can use the new MIB included in Ambari 2.5.x to get SNMP traps/alerts sent to event management/ticketing systems. Please see the Ambari docs on notifications for more information on SNMP and how to configure them. In case your ITSM administrator wants to see the actual MIB itself, the default location on the Ambari server is normally: /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/APACHE-AMBARI-MIB.txt

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Super Collaborator

You can use a script dispatcher to essentially add all kinds of custom functionality to Ambari alerts. The idea is that instead of sending an Email or an SNMP trap, Ambari would invoke a script that you wrote with the parameters of the alert. Your script could then contact any 3rd party system and do things like create tickets.

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