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Ambari Hive view : check failed: File does not exist /home/ldapuser

I use my LDAP user logon to Ambari when I open HIVE VIEW ,it throw error file does not exist ‘/home/ldapuser’ .

I run command create folder .It can solved. But I want to know the home user can be created automatically when we log on. Because we have many user on LDAP that want to use HIVE VIEW .


Super Mentor

@Wil Don

Ambari provides an option to have the users created automatically post user creation as mentioned in the following doc

It can be done by enabling the following property inside the "/etc/ambari-server/conf/"


Add the script path to the ambari properties file:

Followed by Ambari Server Restart.

# ambari-server restart


@Jay Kumar SenSharma thank you so much for your recommendation. i will try as you recommend.

I try as you recommend . It don’t stiill automate. Please advise me how to modified kerborize file that I don’t modify. Thank you in advance.