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Ambari Metrics, Hbase-User dashboard in grafana


I 've got a problem when i want to see the Hbase-User Dashboard in grafana. I have changed the templates to see the Hbase Users, like i have seen in this document

I`ve changed the templates in this 2 folders



But when i restart HBase service i can see the same lines in the "regenerated" file


I see all the times this 2 lines




Super Mentor

@Gorka Zárate

After making those changes in the mentioned files you will also need to restart the "AmbariServer". (In your steps i do not see you mentioned anything about restarting ambari server)

It is mentioned as Step-4 in the doc:

# ambari-server restart


Then you can restart the HBase Services.

If it still does not work then please share the exact AmbariServer version and the HDP version details.



Yess thanks. I restarted ambari-server several times


@Jay Kumar SenSharma Any idea Jay??


HDP- with AMS 0.1.0


The problem is that the Caller´s drop down is empty and i dont know how to solve it.

If i watch the requests i can see that


And if i change the request i can see the json with the metrics


But the problem is that the Caller´s drop down is empty



I continue with the problem. I dont know what to do. Any suggestion?


If i insert a metric manually i can see the user in the drop-down of the grafana dashboard

0: jdbc:phoenix:sice1.tri.lan:2181> UPSERT into METRICS_METADATA_UUID(METRIC_NAME, APP_ID, INSTANCE_ID, UUID, UNITS, TYPE) VALUES ('regionserver.Users.hbase_metric_get_num_ops', 'hbase', '[B@570a62a5', '', '', '');

So i can say that the problem is in the ams-collector. How can i know where is going bad?


New Contributor

Did You ever get this resolved? seems like I am also having the same Issue @gorkazar7 

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