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Ambari-Metrics collector not starting

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Re: Ambari-Metrics collector not starting


Never mind guys, i fixed the issue. Someone moved the python and it broke the link. I've re-linked it and was able to bring the metrics-collector online.


Re: Ambari-Metrics collector not starting

a. ambari-metrics-monitor status

b. ambari-metrics-monitor stop (if it is running)

c. Check the ambari-metrics-collector/hbase-tmp directroy path in Ambari AMS config

d. Move the hbase zk temp directory to somewhere

mv /hadoop/journalnode/var/lib/ambari-metrics-collector/hbase-tmp/zookeeper/* /tmp/ams-zookeeper-backup/

e. Restart AMS from the Ambari

That should resolve the issue

Cheers, Pravat Sutar

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