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Ambari URL login Access failed


I was not able to login to right admin password which i changed 2 weeks ago. since it work till yesterday and i was trying to sync the LDAP roles

ambari-server sync-ldap --group group.txt

Using python /usr/bin/python Syncing with LDAP...

Enter Ambari Admin login: admin

Enter Ambari Admin password: (NOT DEFAULT changed password)

Syncing specified users and groups.ERROR: Exiting with exit code 1. REASON: Sync event creation failed. Error details: HTTP Error 403: Unable to sign in. Invalid username/password combination.

I am sure this password was not change by any one.

some how i am administrator with my personal user and password i can able to login and sync the roles.

looks like i am enter wrong password, but again this admin password was change by no one!!

please help me out how to resolves this.



Try logging in to ambari web UI using the same credentials (admin/<passwd>) and see if you are able to login. If not, then definitely the password is wrong.

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