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Ambari: delete and uninstall custom service


I want to execute some code when I delete a service, basically clean-up of my custom service.

At I found supported commands. So in order to uninstall I'd guess to override 'uninstall' method. Is this correct?

I looked into the HBase definitions, but there ain't any definition for uninstall, can you explain me why?

As I just realized, when I delete my service, it's not within Ambari-UI anymore, but the service is still running.

In case I just want to 'delete' a service via Ambari, what method gets triggered?



I implemented the 'uninstall' method within my service, but it's not getting called.

I added log-lines, but I can't see them anywhere, and nothing that's supposed to happen (deleting files etc) is happening.

Can you please tell me what I have to do in order to let something happen on deletion of my service? Thanks.

Any ideas?


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Thanks, but as the site states

Note: These API calls do not uninstall the packages associated with the service and neither they remove the config or temp folders associated with the service components.

I'm looking for a way to execute some code when a component gets uninstalled. Thanks