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Ambari fails to install Ranger KMS, "config validation failed"


When trying to install Ranger KMS via Ambari I get an error pop up that config validation failed and the following error:

File "/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/scripts/./../stacks/HDP/2.2/services/", line 906, in validateHiveServer2Configurations
    if hive_server2[prop_name] != prop_val:
KeyError: ''
21 Sep 2015 08:52:28,874  WARN [qtp-client-2798] AbstractResourceProvider:90 - Error occurred during validation Stack Advisor reported an error: KeyError: ''

Ambari does actually progress to the next Configure Identities screen regardless however.


which version of ambari are you using because this issue was fixed as part of


Hi Deepak,

Thanks for replying. I have installed Atlas-Ranger Sandbox named "HDP-Atlas-Ranger-TP.ova" for a quickRanger POC. And the Ambari Server/Agent version that i can see is


HDP stack version is 2.3.99.

Any workaround for this? Do i need to update stack?

either you can upgrade ambari and stack or it is also ok to proceed with next step and go for installation , because i dont think it will impact any functionality

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