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Ambari install with already running hadoop cluster.

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I'm working on a summer intern project nd my goal is to create a Hadoop cluster. I am using old dell servers and a switch to create this.

I followed some apache Hadoop tutorials and I managed to get the basic HDFS/YARN running with 7 data nodes with a total of 7 terabytes. All of my servers are running centos7 minimal so I don't have a gui and would like to have one. The only gui I have is when I connect my laptop to the switch and point my web browser to the namenode:port.

The apache Hadoop website has Ambari installation guide but I heard Hortonworks installation is much easier. I also don't have internet access to my cluster so that's why I went with a manual install with basic Hadoop, I put all the software I needed on a USB and installed from there. I just found out you can also do offline install of Ambari. My question is can I install Hortonworks Ambari on my system or do I need to do a fresh install.


@Gerald P Yes, you must do a fresh install.