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Ambari lost heartbeat during restart

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Re: Ambari lost heartbeat during restart

New Contributor

@Jay SenSharma

I was going through below mentioned link if i need to setup CA signed certificate. I am going to mention list of steps to be performed on 3 node cluster(excluding edge node). Please validate

  1. keytool -genkey -keyalg RSA -alias c6401 -keystore /tmp/keystore.jks -storepass bigdata -validity 360-keysize 2048 (To be generated for each Node(master, slave1 and slave2))
  2. keytool -certreq -alias c6401 -keyalg RSA -file /tmp/c6401.csr -keystore /tmp/keystore.jks -storepass bigdata( csr file to be generated for each node keystore.jks file)
  3. Nowget the singed cert from CA - file name is/tmp/c6401.crt( How to get this certificate for each node/or single node from CA)?
  4. Import the root cert to JKS first.(Ignoreif it already present) keytool -import-alias root -file /tmp/ca.crt -keystore /tmp/keystore.jks (How to get root cert)?
  5. Repeat step4 for intermediate cert if there is any.?
  6. Import signed cert into JKS. keytool -import-alias c6401 -file /tmp/c6401.crt -keystore /tmp/keystore.jks -storepass bigdata ( to be done for each node)?
  7. keytool -import-alias root -file /tmp/ca.crt -keystore /tmp/truststore.jks -storepass bigdata (To be done for each node)?

Kindly let me know if this is correct approach? Or is there any other link for multi node?

Thanks for great help!!


Re: Ambari lost heartbeat during restart

@rahul gulati

Check below things -

1. /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini has entry pointing to ambari server -> server=<ambari_host>

2. Check if iptables and selinux are stopped and disabled.

3. Try restarting the agent $ambari-agent restart

4. Check if there is issue with /etc/hosts file. Wrong/incorrect intry in /etc/hosts file can create such issue.

Re: Ambari lost heartbeat during restart

New Contributor

@Sagar Shimpi

Thanks for replying. I have checked the ambari-agent.ini file at all hosts and it is same and ambari-server IP is also correct. All my services were running before setting up SSL. I stopped HDFS, Yarm, Mapreduce and made ssl related changes as mentioned up, since then i am unable to bring up the services due to error mentioned in question.



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