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Ambari making wrong domain for test keytab file on Kerberos Wizard


I have a HDP 3.0, Ambari 7 cluster. When running the kerberos Wizard, I am running into an issue where the test kerberos ticket created by the wizard haves an old, incorrect domain i inputted by mistake. After some research, it seems to be an issue with the UI storing the old Domain Value. I tried the suggested steps on this thread without luck:

I also found the value was being stored on Chrome's LocalStorage, so i cleared it. After a second try, it haves the correct value, but the keytab file keeps ending up wrong.

Is there a way to make sure that value gets reset properly? I'm thinking on destroying the cluster and starting anew at this point.

Thanks so much!



@Leonel Atencio

Try clearing the chrome cache !