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Ambari metrics storage and API

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I'm trying to understand ambari metrics API but cannot understand what data is stored/returned by the server with followings : First, I post new metric data with 2 values at t0 & t0 + 2s :

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"metrics": 
[{"metricname": "MyMetric", "appid": "amssmoketestfake", "hostname": 
"", "timestamp": 1498569374758, "starttime": 
1498569374758, "metrics": {"1498569374758": 0.963781711428, 
"1498569376758": 1432075898000}}]}' 

If I try to request this metric with a GET request, here what AMS returns to me :

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET 

Result : {"metrics":[{"timestamp":1498569214725,"metadata":{},"metricname":"MyMetric","appid":"amssmoketestfake","hostname":"","starttime":1498569374758,"metrics":{"1498569376758":1.432075898E12}}]} Why AMS does not return the 2 values for MyMetric when I explicitely define the timeframe in the GET request ?

I would expect to get all the values for the timestamps between the boundaries ...

Thanks for your help...


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In other words, I would like to figureout if all values are stored somewhere and AMS aggregates those values when a client requests for some metrics or is there an aggregation step when AMS receive new values for a metric ?

Is this possible to retrieve several values for a metric in a single REST GET call ? I tried out to run the exact same requests as described in

(2 values separated by 1s interval), but I never got 2 values when sending my GET request...Did someone ran this example successfully ?

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Well, nobody knows apparently...Will give a try to another component because ambari metrics documentation is definitely not at the right maturity level.