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Ambari new "register version" not showing up


Hi experts,

When trying to register a new version to upgrade my current cluster, I can see the new "register version" under manage Ambari > Versions.

Then when I click on Install on... next to the version I want to install, it brings me to the "Admin" tab...Stack and Versions > Versions tab. However, I only see the version that is currently installed, but do not see the version that I want to install on this page.


Can someone please help or direct me to some documentation to help me resolve this issue?




Cloudera Employee

@ajaytrivedi can you help here?

Rising Star

HI @ryu , Is it that when you click install version it is coming to dashboard ? If yes , then this happens if the user you are using does not have privileges to do it. Please check the ambari server logs and the ambari audits logs to see any error.

New Contributor

I really liked the way you highlighted some really important and significant points

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