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Ambari version (2.7.1 vs mismatch?

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I've recently installed cluster (HDP 3.0.1) with ambari and hit the wall of bugs.....

I checked release notes of ambari: Ambari- and I don't understand which version does include patches?

In the release notes there is the following information:

"Ambari 2.7.1 is based on Apache Ambari and the following patches."

What does it mean? Is there a separate repo for 2.7.1?




@Andrzej Jedrzejewski

(Hortonworks) Ambari 2.7.1 is based on Apache Ambari and yes there is a separate repo. Check :

Please note that HDP and Apache repos are not same.

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@Sandeep Nemuri

I know that apache has it's own repository but I don't understand why hortonworks repo points to the apache rpms...Is that correct?

I installed ambari whithin this repo. I got non patched (apache vanilla )ambari. Does the repo contain correct version of ambari?

To confirm I run installation once again. Here is ambari version:

yum info ambari-server
Wczytane wtyczki: fastestmirror, langpacks
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * epel:
Zainstalowane pakiety
Nazwa              : ambari-server
Architektura       : x86_64
Wersja             :
Wydanie            : 169
Rozmiar            : 419 M
Repozytorium       : installed
Z repozytorium     : AMBARI.
Podsumowanie       : Ambari Server
Adres URL          :
Licencja           : (c) Apache Software Foundation
Opis               : Maven Recipe: RPM Package.

As you can see, build 169 is in use.......



@Andrzej Jedrzejewski

This is expected, Build 169 is from AMBARI- which i mentioned earlier. You are using the correct version of 2.7.1 Ambari from hortonworks repo.

Hope this helps.

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@Sandeep Nemuri

It's not patched then, e.g. AMBARI-24524 is still present in this build.....