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Ambari web UI Loading.... without any progress in rendering the page

New Contributor

Ambari web UI Loading.... without any progress in rendering the page,,

I have deployed HDP sandbox in Azure, configured inbound rules for 8080,8888 in Azure portal, can able to load the splash page in port 8888, from there if i try to open amabari home page , its loading forever, even restarted ambari server by ssh into root



@arulraj rajamanickam First time I've seen this, I'll try reproducing and report back. Are you able to SSH in and check out log output at /var/log/ambari-server ?

Edit: Just as a check: are you running HDP 2.5?

Could you please add a screenshot with console open? Console can be opened by (Right click -> Inspect Element)

Super Guru

@arulraj rajamanickam

1. Can you please try clearing browser cache(or use different browser) and see if you are able to access it.

2. Can you please try to do telnet to ambari server on 8080 from your client machine and let me know if it works?

3. If telnet works then there should not be any firewall/connectivity issues.

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