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Apache Atlas Hive Hook and Data Lineage troubleshooting.


I run Atlas 0.8 on HDInsight 3.5 and would like to take advantage of Hive Hook. I've made all the necessary configurations as described in the documentation. . Then I follow a simple tutorial and create two table brancha and branchb and third one CTAS branch_intersect as a result of a join between those two.

Anyhow, I expect the table to show up in Atlas catalog but they don't. My question is how do I troubleshoot that kind of issue? Where to look?

When I execute the tables are imported but without data lineage. Does anyone have a clue on how to troubleshoot those issues?

Any ideas appreciated:)




Could you please check the logs for Atlas, hbase and ranger-audit.

You will find the error. please post that error. i have resolved that issue. Actually my issue was for jersey-jar issue.

Let us know the error logs so that we can assist you on the same.