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Apache Atlas Hive hook and data lineage troubleshooting


I run Atlas 0.8 on HDInsight 3.5 and would like to take advantage of Hive Hook. I've made all the necessary configurations as described in the documentation. . Then I follow a simple tutorial and create two table brancha and branchb and third one CTAS branch_intersect as a result of a join between those two.

Anyhow, I expect the tables to show up in the catalog but they don't. My question is how do I troubleshoot that kind of issue? Where to look?

When I execute, the tables are imported but without data lineage. Does anyone have a clue on how to troubleshoot those issues?

Any ideas appreciated:)



Ok, I've got this exception, AtlasBaseException after running

2017-08-22 18:35:07,021 ERROR - [pool-1-thread-5 - db200196-5334-447e-ad81-4f44b14839df:] ~ graph rollback due to exception AtlasBaseException:Instance hive_table with unique attribute {qualifiedName=default.branch_intersect3@primary} does not exist (GraphTransactionInterceptor:64) 2017-08-22 18:35:07,022 ERROR - [pool-1-thread-5 - db200196-5334-447e-ad81-4f44b14839df:] ~ Cannot find entity with type: hive_table, attribute: qualifiedName and value: default.branch_intersect3@primary (EntityResource:798) 2017-08-22 18:35:07,022 ERROR - [pool-1-thread-5 - db200196-5334-447e-ad81-4f44b14839df:] ~ Unable to get instance definition for type=hive_table, qualifiedName=default.branch_intersect3@primary (EntityResource:832) at org.apache.atlas.web.resources.EntityResource.toWebApplicationException( at org.apache.atlas.web.resources.EntityResource.getEntityDefinitionByAttribute( at org.apache.atlas.web.resources.EntityResource.getEntity( at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke( at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

Cloudera Employee

I had same issue and it has been resolved by adding extra kafka brokers (I had one and made it 3). Big thanks to @Ronak bansal for the solution "Either install 3 kafka brokers or change offsets.topic.replication.factor=1 in kafka and restart kafka + atlas"



I am facing the same issue.

Data are imported but no lineage is found even if it should appear.


Any hint about the solution?




Community Manager

@dansteu, as this is an older post, you would have a better chance of receiving a resolution by starting a new thread. This will also be an opportunity to provide details specific to your environment that could aid others in assisting you with a more accurate answer to your question. You can link this thread as a reference in your new post.


Vidya Sargur,
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I created yesterday also this new thread


Thanks in advance for support.


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