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Apache NiFi ExecuteSQL not working for where Clause

Apache NiFi ExecuteSQL not working for where Clause

New Contributor


 i am trying to load data from multiple tables with partition from same database to another tables. for that, i am following following procedure:


ListDatabaseTables --> RouteOnAttribute --> Replacetext --> ExecuteSQL --> PutHive3Streaming


in the executeSQL processor, getting following exception:


unable to execute SQL select query select * from test.department1 where dt='20190901' due to java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSuppoertedException:method not supported; routing to failure:org.apache.nifi.procssor.exception.processException:java.sql.SQLFeaturenotSupportedException: Method not Supported.


in Replacetext processor, ,my query is like : select * from '{$db.table.fullname}'




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