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Apache Nifi ExecuteSQL -> PutDatabaseRecord flow mishandles Decimal datatype.


Apache Nifi ExecuteSQL -> PutDatabaseRecord flow mishandles Decimal datatype.

New Contributor

Tested simple Nifi flow ExecuteSQL -> PutDatabasRecord

ExecuteSQL reads data from table (named decimal_test) having columns with decimal data type (from Postgres database).

The output flowfile (avro file) from ExecuteSQL passed to PutDatabaseRecord which loads the data to the same table (decimal_test) in the Postgres database.

ExecuteSQL property 'user avro logical types' is set to true.

Here is the result:

Decimal columnOriginal Table values in Postgres databaseTable migrated from Postgres to Postgres using Nifi

Is is a bug in Nifi or am I missing something here..?

Please advice. Thanks.

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