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Apache Nifi UI not working from time to time

New Contributor


Im experimenting some integration scenarios on apache nifi on a small VM, 1gb, the instance is secured via LDAPS.

Everything works fine but i noticed that from time to time the UI becomes unreachable. Generally this happens either when : 

-> I have some controller which for some reason doesn't work anymore (e.g redis controller going down)

-> Not enough memory


Is there a solution to make apache nifi UI always accessible ? 




It sounds like that either the VM will need more resources to run the current flow design or change the flow to require fewer resources.

Once there are OOM errors, then all sorts of other issues could occur.


In the conf/bootstrap.conf there are two settings for JVM Memory. They generally come out of the box set to 512mgs or something like that. We always have to bump them up to 8g. 


Look for this:



Usually if this is the problem you'll get a specific error telling you about it so no guarentees. It sounds like you don't have a lot of memory on your VM period though.