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Apache Phoenix Primary Key and Query


I have existing HBase tables for which I build Phoenix Views.

CREATE VIEW "MDS" (pk VARCHAR PRIMARY KEY, "auth_group"."id" VARCHAR, "auth_group"."name" CHAR(10));

where MDS is my hbase table, auth_group is one of the column families with columns id, name.

I have the below questions:

1. Can I use one of the columns in my column family as a PRIMARY KEY? Or should it something outside of the columns in the column family? How do I build a PRIMARY KEY in such a scenario.

2. When I did the below it gave me the below error. How do I choose the length of CHAR?

select * from MDS;
Error: ERROR 201 (22000): Illegal data. Expected length of at least 12 bytes, but had 10 (state=22000,code=201)

3. If I picked the min of the CHAR to some minimum number, I get the below result where the characters are cut off(based on the number I gave) and the id column is blank . (It doesn't reflect the same values as in hbase.)


if you have existing data in your HBase, it's possible that is not serialized in the way Phoenix deserializes it for reading and hence the Illegal data exception, so it is recommended that you try declaring all your fields Varchar for string types or Unsigned_int for integer types.

If you want to use other data types, it is better you insert data and read through Phoenix only.