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Apache Phoenix Upsert not working while trying to update null/empty columns

New Contributor

Step1: Update a column with null/'' value . Upsert into abc.tablename (Rowkeycombo1, Rowkeycombo2, columnname) values (123,to_date('1988-08-06'),null);

This works fine and the column then appears to have no data while doing a select.

Step2:Update the same column with a valid value. Upsert into abc.tablename (Rowkeycombo1, Rowkeycombo2, columnname) values (123,to_date('1988-08-06'),'TRYVAL'); Shows 1 row affected but the column still appears null/empty.

However there is no issue while updating a column which has a valid value to any other value.

I'm very new to Phoenix and hbase so I'm at a loss here.


Expert Contributor

Hbase does not store NULL. Actually it stores nothing when you give null. So output you are getting is expected.