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Apache kylin cube creation with rest API

New Contributor

I was trying to create a cube from scratch on HDP 2.4 sandbox using rest api with a json file of cube definition, i tried curl commands to the rest api which doesn't seem to work and i tried using their kylin client tool and even that fails to create a cube,so i am wondering if its possible to create a project, model and cube from rest api?

curl -b /home/raghu/cookiefile.txt -X PUT -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'Content-Type:application/json;charset=UTF-8' -data @/home/raghu/cube_def.json


New Contributor

Hi sandeep,

I've seen that doc, but it just gives examples on how to build the cube once its created through the UI, but im looking to create the cube definition itself and cube mode and project from rest api instead of using kylin's UI.

New Contributor

@Raghu ram reddy Medapati

did you find solution to your problem , I am trying to do similar thing, creating project , model and cube from api after that building and monitoring.

Looks like they have api for monitoring and building but not for creating.


Appears like the documentation and possibly the capabilities are expanded in the time since the OP.

Check out how to Build Cube Via RestFul API here:

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