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Apache nifi registry in windows 10 Pro

New Contributor

Hi All:

I'm new to Apache NiFi. I am able to download and have the apache nifi working perfectly but when it comes to apache NiFi registry, I am getting an error preventing me to start the registry.


I ran the batch file after adjusting the port for NiFi registry.



it gave me an error. I'm guessing some classpath setup issue... not sure


C:\Apache nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin>run-nifi-registry.bat
cmd.exe /C "C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.exe" -cp C:\Apache nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin\..\conf;C:\Apache nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin\..\lib\*;C:\Apache nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin\..\lib\shared\*;C:\Apache nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin\..\lib\bootstrap\* -Xms512m -Xmx1024m -Dorg.apache.nifi.registry.bootstrap.config.file=C:\Apache nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin\..\conf\bootstrap.conf org.apache.nifi.registry.NiFiRegistry run
Error: Could not find or load main class nifi-1.12.1\nifi-registry-0.8.0\bin\..\conf;C:\Apache


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Master Guru


I 'd suggest verifying your download was good.
Then remove the nifi-registry work directory before restarting.
The work directory is rebuilt from the nifi-registry lib dir contents.
Make sure you did not run out of disk space.

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