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Applying avg spark


Hi guys i am trying this source code

val spark = SparkSession.builder.master("local").appName("my-spark-app").getOrCreate() val df ="header",true).csv("C:/Users/mhattabi/Desktop/Clean _data/Mud_Pumps _Cleaned/Set_1_Mud_Pumps_Merged.csv") df("DateTime").cast("timestamp") df("ADCH_Mud Pumps.db.MudPump.2.On.value").cast("integer") val col("*"), date_format(df("DateTime"),"yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm").alias("DateTime")).groupBy(df("DateTime")) .agg(avg(df("ADCH_Mud Pumps.db.MudPump.2.On.value")))

It says what sould i do for the attribute it is really existing in my data set,Thanks



Super Guru

@Maher Hattabi

In your dataset, do you really "." in your column name in csv file? Is it possible that you can cleanse your data (by removing "." from column name) in your csv file before getting to this step?


Hi ,

yes there is a "." in the column name , can this cause a problem in such a operation ? Thanks

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@Maher Hattabi

yes. Last I knew, you cannot have "." in your column name. This is still unresolved. Please see following link. --> this says it was resolved in 1.4 but its actually not. It points to the following jira and it is still unresolved.

Expert Contributor

can you also show a sample dataset of the csv file. Like 2-3 rows of the csv file so it can be tested.