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Are There Alternatives to HDP?

Are There Alternatives to HDP?

New Contributor

As Cloudera has placed HDP 3.1.5 behind a paywall and has not yet responded to my request about sales information I was wondering what options there were to use Ambari in a way that didn't require the pre-built HDP repos.


Would it be possible and legal to mock the component versions with images we built ourselves? Would we have to construct our own "version definition files" and all other pieces to work with Ambari in this way?


Re: Are There Alternatives to HDP?




Have you thought of using the HDP Sandbox which is still available for download?  This is the ONLY  environment whose component versions are a near match to the HDP 3.2.5. It's really unfortunate that everything now is behind a paywall.

As a contributor, I have also been hit hard and cannot anymore help on newer versions of the software this is the only occasion I regret the merger.


Re: Are There Alternatives to HDP?

Community Manager

@eistre91 I have forwarded your post to my sales contacts. Let me know if you hear back from them. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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