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Atlas Hive Ranger Tag based policies not working


Hello, can someone help me ?

I have a cluster installed and working with following versions of the components, HDP-, Atlas 0.8.0, Ranger 0.7.0, Hive 1.2.1000.

I have configured everything as referred in multiple tutorials like this , configured Atlas, created Atlas tags, configured Ranger, Ranger Tagsync, Ranger tag policies, Hive policy and I have applied it to hive resource based policy.

But the Tag policy keeps not working, i have tried access policy, denie policy, mask policy nothing seams to work.

I don't know what I'm doing wrong or what I'm missing because the ranger atlas policies work but the tag polices from atlas don't.

Another strange thing is when I try to test connection on Atlas resource based policy, I keep getting this error

org.apache.ranger.plugin.client.HadoopException: Unable to login to Hadoop environment [RHTXINEC_atlas]. Unable to login to Hadoop environment [RHTXINEC_atlas]. Unable to decrypt password due to error. Input length must be multiple of 8 when decrypting with padded cipher. 

Can someone help me or give me some tip?




@J Nunes

Sorry to ask but you didn't mention anything like enabling the Ranger /hive/atlas plugins?


I have enabled hive and atlas plugins like you can see in the image attached.

I also attach my tagsync configuration and Ambari enabled components.