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Atlas Hive bridge for one database

New Contributor


Is there any way I can set up Atlas for a specific hive database not for the entire databases?




@Alp Alp

This is currently not possible. Atlas-Hive tracking is all or nothing.

What is the business driver behind this requirement? If you can explain the business need then I'll be able to raise it with our product managers and the community for consideration in future releases.

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Hi Eyad,

So it would be good to able to isolate some databases from others. Let's say I have 5 databases for testing purposes there is no data governance or data linage needed on these to make sure there will be no overhead.

also some data tests , PoCs don't need to have Atlas usage.

Saying to Atlas that work only on the databases I'm mapping would be great.


Expert Contributor

Jira is filed for this requirement.