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Atlas Metadata not being created when objects created in Hive/HDFS

New Contributor

Atlas is running fine in Ambari and I can successfully import metadata into Atlas from Hive. However apart from this initial load metadata is not kept in sync when new objects are created.

I have checked the Ranger policies for HBase and Kafka are appropriately set. Any advice here would be appreciated.

There are none of the ERROR messages in the Atlas logs I can see regarding authorisation issues to the Kafka topics that I have seen on other threads.


Expert Contributor

@David Mason

Is the Atlas Hive Hook enabled ? To capture live Hive metadata events , Hook should be enabled.

To check if Hive hook for Atlas is enabled , go to Hive -> check if Enable Atlas Hook is checked and org.apache.atlas.hive.hook.HiveHook is present in

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Both of these are set appropriately.

Cloudera Employee

Please check and share logs :

  • Create a Hive DB / Table and
  • Look for any Exception / Error related to AtlasHook or Kafka Notifications in /var/log/hive/hiveserver2.log

Please share the exception to get to root cause.