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Atlas Tags are not showing up while creating tag based policy in Ranger

I am trying to create tag based policy in Apache Ranger, But in drop down of Tag Button, Apache Atlas tags are not showing up. Atlas TagSync is running on the Ranger Node. Kerberos is enabled on my cluster.

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subash sharma There are following possibilities:

1) Tags are syncd but resource lookup not working for tags.

2) tags are not syncd.

mostly I think tags are not syncd can you please check ranger db for x_tag table,

use ranger;

select * from x_tag;

if you dont see any entry in this table , then there should be some issue with tag sync, so please check tagsync.log under /var/log/ranger/tagsync on tagsync node

Cloudera Employee

@subash sharma If you don't see any any tags in the ranger-admin (that is, in the x_tag table), then check if there are any tag-definitions uploaded to ranger by running 'select * from x_tag_def;'. Also check tagsync debug log to see if there are any errors when uploading the tags. If there are upload errors, then check if the Atlas entity's cluster-name attribute has the same value as the Ranger's Service name for the component for which your are tagging entities.