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Atlas Taxonomy DELETE Bug

New Contributor

Hey, i was testing the Atlas Taxonomy Feature and i have a problem with deleting and recreating taxonomy terms.

For reproduction:


Body: {"description":"test"}

Status: 201 Created


Status: 200 OK

So creation an deletion all seem to be working fine. But when i try to recreate the term


Body: {"description":"test"}

Status: 409 Conflict

Response: Type 'Catalog.Test' already exists


Status: 404 Not Found

Response: Term 'Catalog.Test' not found.

I found out that although the terms are not listed under they somehow still exist under and i guess thats the reason why i can't recreate them.

But trying to delete the type gives me a 500 error.

In the Atlas application log an exception is thrown everytime i'm trying to create or query the type but i guess its just a regular exception in this case:

org.apache.atlas.exception.AtlasBaseException: Given type Catalog.Test already exists.

I found out about this Bug when I was accidentally deleting a term in the Atlas UI and I was trying to recreate the term. So it seems like it is not only a REST problem.

I was trying all of this on the HDP 2.6 Sandbox.

Does anyone have an idea how i could fix this and whether it is an official issue and will be fixed?


Expert Contributor

Luk Hes This issue is known and a jira bug is already filed for it


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