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Atlas Taxonomy: Unable to create term (sub-term) from Apache Atlas UI

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Hello All,

I am using hortonworks hdp 2.6.3. I am trying to create a subterm from the Apache Atlas UI, but I do not see any pop up after I click "Create Subterm", with no error message.

However, I am able to create a term using Rest API(cUrl POST).

All the required services are running.

I checked application.log and the error logs, but do not see any relevant error in there. Is there any log file I should look into for further details on the error?

moreover, I can create a tag from UI, the issue is only with the term.

Is there any configuration that I should change/check?

Thanks in advance


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@A misra

can you provide /usr/hdp/atlas/server/webapp/atlas/js/views/business_catalog/TreeLayoutView.js for review.

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Hi Nixon

Here you go. (it seems I cannot upload a json file, so changed to txt).


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I have the same problem, did you resolve that?

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We are also facing same issue. Is there any way to solve this ?


Same issue with us also. Is there any solution?

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I am facing the same issue. any solution?


@sonali kumari

Can you provide the doc or steps you are trying to achieve I would like to replicate it here for testing all the details if possible...

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@Geoffrey Shelton Okot I am using hortonworks docker sandbox.

Hadoop version: 2.6.4


I have used below link to enable taxonomy:-

while doing so, I got attached error.

As per the link I processed anyway and restarted all the services.

I could see the taxonomy option on atlas now, but when I am trying to create a subterm it does not respond with a popup as per below link:-


let me know if you need any other detail.

Kindly help me with this.


@Geoffery or anyone,

Did you find solution, even I am not able to create sub-term in atlas.

New Contributor

did any of you find any solution for this problem? is it possible to upgrade to Atlas 1.0 in Hortenworks? please i need help fixing this



I have the same issue with creating taxonemy (create Sub term)

did any of you find any solution for this problem?

thank you