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Atlas lineage tracking issue

Atlas lineage tracking issue

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(This applies to HDP 2.6.1.)

There seems to be an issue handling Atlas lineage for tables depending on where they were created.

1) If you create objects using hive command line, lineage is displayed correctly.

create table test_table_hive2 as...

See attachment for correct lineage display. No problem here.


2) If you perform the same operation from Hive View (previous version or version 2), either by typing in the CREATE sentence or by uploading the table from a file, lineage is not tracked (or at least displayed).

See attached screenshot for an example.



Re: Atlas lineage tracking issue

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@Fernando Lopez Bello

I think lineage is not broken when a table/view is created through Hive View version 1.0 and 2.0 (I just validated and it works).

Could you check the atlas application.log and see if there any error stack trace relating to lineage.

Re: Atlas lineage tracking issue

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No application log was generated. It looks that the Atlas hook is not working when you create objects from Hive view.