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Autocompletion of names not working in Ranger

I just installed Ranger and enabled HDFS, Hive, HBase, Yarn, and Knox plugins. Security related everything works great. However, autocompletion of entity names (Hive db's, tables; HBase tables etc) doesn't work. Also, "Test connection" from respective repository pages (accessible by clicking "Edit" on a repository the top panel) works only for Yarn, but for other 4 components it doesn't work. The message is Connection failed. Unable to connect repository with given config for <cluster name>. Any ideas why? I have HA for HDFS, Hive and HBase and 2 Knox hosts, but each repo contains a reference to only one of related hosts. The cluster is kerberized.


Just saw this and gave permissions to the rangerlookup user, but no luck.

@Predrag Minovic


Add a local user or if kerberos, create another user principal with a password and use that user in every repository configuration property for each plug in. You can create a different user for each plugin.

Then go to the Ranger Admin and edit each Repository and add the user and password.

Just tried to set the password in each repo but to no avail. I've already created a rangerlookup user in LDAP (I'm using FreeIPA), one for all repos, and set that in Ambari together with its PW. And I just revisited all repos in Ranger and entered that PW again (the rangerlookup user-name is already there). Saved a repo and retried the connection but still error. Though, you are right that it's Kerberos related because Yarn doesn't use such a user, and I can connect to Yarn.

You have to change it in Ranger Admin for all Security Repos directly there, not just Ambari, becuase you already created them.


@Predrag Minovic

You need to do a couple of things.

First provide the permissions for the repo user in the ranger policy. Which you already did.

And second make sure that the repo user has the hdfs user directory setup with the right permissions and ownership.