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Automate Impala views on Hive external table


I have external tables in Hive with location set on recursive directories in HDFS. Since Impala doesn't not read data in such external hive tables. So I was looking for a way to create Impala Views on top of Hive tables. How can I automate Impala views so that they will reflect changes as soon as there is a change in Hive tables.

My Use case is: Whenever there is new Hive table in Metastore, Create Impala View on it. If Hive table is dropped, View Should be dropped too. Any changes in Hive table structure, should Update the existing Impala View.  Basically keeping sync between Hive tables and Impala Views. 

How can I trigger this automatic process.



I don't have insight into how to solve your particular problem, but for what it's worth, in later versions of Impala (those included in CDP), Impala will read recursively from directories within the table location.


@Tim Thanks for the answer.

Is there any jira ticket or something that i can track for this particular Impala upgrade.