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Azure Data Lake Gen2 (ABFS) support HDP3.1.0

New Contributor

I know that HDInsight now supports Azure Data Lake Store Generation 2 storage which uses the ABFS(S) driver.

My question is: does non HDInsight HDP3.1.0 support this? I cannot find any reference to Generation 2 ABFS in the HDP3.1.0 documentation which might suggest it is not supported.

I was able to follow the Cloudera documentation here and using that configuration on HDP3.1.0 does allow me to access the storage via HDFS and Hive(LLAP), but I would like to know if it is officially supported please.


@Steven Senior

Cloudbreak does support configuring ADLS gen2 (abfs) for HDP, please have a look at the docs:

Hope this helps!

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