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Azure Data Lake and HDP 2.5


Can I attach Azure Data Lake Store to HDP 2.5 as an underlining HDFS storage?



@Dagmawi Mengistu currently the only way you can leverage ADLS as underlying storage is to use Azure HDInsights 3.5

If you have a choice to use WASB instead, then you can also use Cloudbreak service, by default it will provision with WASB instead of HDFS

@Dagmawi Mengistu the next release of Cloudbreak supports the usage of ADLS as per the documentation, as it has been backported to HDP, so you can launch HDP clusters with ADLS support. It is coming in the next weeks.

In the current version of Cloudbreak, you can use WASB either besides local HDFS or as a default file system as well.

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