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Benefits of Spark over MapReduce or Spark vs MapReduce?


  1. Spark is easy to program and don't require that much hand coding whereas MapReduce is not that easy in terms of programming and requires lots of hand coding
  2. It has interactive mode whereas in MapReduce there is no built-in interactive mode, MapReduce is developed for batch processing.
  3. For data processing Spark can use streaming, machine learning, and batch processing whereas Hadoop MapReduce can use the batch engine. Spark is general purpose cluster computation engine.
  4. Spark executes batch processing jobs about 10 to 100 times faster than Hadoop MapReduce.
  5. Spark uses an abstraction called RDD which makes Spark feature rich, whereas map reduce doesn't have any abstraction
  6. Spark uses lower latency by caching partial/complete results across distributed nodes whereas MapReduce is completely disk-based.

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