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Building CDH with jdk8


The parcel


built with jdk7


I want to rebuild this parcel with jdk8, where can I download the source code? other links contain source code for individual packages, not entire cdh.




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A parcel is just a zip file containing the CDH distribution. You can run CDH with both JDK 7 and JDK 8 versions just fine. What is the issue you are trying to solve? Please clarify.


@gzigldrum Thanks for the reply, I understand your point,


This task came to me as a business requirement, to build the cloudera jars to jdk8. 


Does the cloudera share entire CDH bundle source code? (not individual components which are available here:

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CDH source code is available, see

Please note that rebuilding the CDH jars is not a simple task and you will loose support status. I would recommend to reach out to your Cloudera Account representative instead to discuss your requirements.


Thanks @gzigldrum


got your point readring cloudera support, I am researching on possibility of CDH 5.14, jdk 8,9,10,11. From jdk 9 onwards its getting harder to compile it. CDH 6 is the only option I think.


one more thing, the links above has source code for individual components, but when compiled into package, lets say hadoop its not giving me lib64 folder which original CDH parcel has.