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CDH 7.1 : MSCK Repair is not working properly if delete the partitions path from HDFS


Use Case: 

- Delete the partitions from HDFS by Manual 

- Run MSCK repair

- HDFS and partition is in metadata -Not getting sync.


Tried multiple times and Not getting sync after upgrading  CDH 6.x to CDH 7.x


Any solutions please 


Cloudera Employee



Can you share the error you have got when you had run the MSCK command.

Are you manually removing the partitions? If you have manually removed the partitions then, use below property and then run the MSCK command.

set hive.msck.path.validation=ignore




Hi ,


Are you manually removing the partitions? Yes .

we cant use "set hive.msck.path.validation=ignore"  because  if we run msck repair .. automatically to sync HDFS folders and Table partitions right? this is not happening and no err. 


our aim: Make HDFS path and partitions in table should sync in any condition


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