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CDH, HBase & Phoenix

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We would like to upgrade our HBase cluster from CDH 5.13.1 to CDH 6.0.0/6.0.1, since we want to upgrade HBase version from 1.2 version to 2.x version and those are the only CDH versions that allow us to do rolling upgrade for HBase (based on the Known Issues and Limitation for each CDH version). 

However, in those versions, there isn't a parcel for Phoenix. There is a parcel for Phoenix only for CDH 5.16.2, which has HBase 1.2 version, or for CDH versions CDH 6.2+, which have HBase 2.x version, but in these versions we can't do rolling upgrade for HBase. 


Is there any way to use the Phoenix parcel (that can be downloaded for CDH 6.2+) in the CDH version we want to upgrade to? or is it possible to do rolling upgrade for HBase in other CDH versions as well?



Hello @galzoran ,


thank you for raising the question about how to do a rolling upgrade from CDH5.13.1 to CDH6.0.1 and still use Phoenix.


The documentation describes that the requirement for Phoenix is to use Cloudera Manager 6.2. or later [1] and [2] describes that you need to have CDH6.2. to run Phoenix.


[3] highlights that rolling upgrade is only possible when upgrading to a minor version. Upgrade from CDH5 to CDH6 is a major version change. It needs a full cluster restart.


Please let me know if the above answers your enquiry.


Thank you:





Ferenc Erdelyi, Technical Solutions Manager

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