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CDP Trail version installation

New Contributor

Hi I am trying to install CDP on my machine (CentOS 7). I have followed the trail download instructions present at

I have created a Cluster and started my services in it. Now I am trying to access Cloudera Private Cloud  by clicking on menu on the left side.

It asks me for the repository link to download the manifest.json file. As I am using the trail version I do not have any manifest.json file links and license key so I am using the DEFAULT repository link ie.

But it shows me error that :

Unable to download the file  (credentials might be required to access this link).

Possible Solutions:

  • Check your Network and Proxy settings to verify you have Internet connectivity to the repository.
  • Check your CDP Private Cloud repository settings.
  • Contact your Cloudera representative to verify that you have the appropriate license key . Temporary license keys can be obtained through your account team.

Kindly guide me which email id and password can I use to access the repository or whether CDP is available for free trail or not.

Screenshot (102).png




Master Guru

@haxsaansiddiqi This is expected. There seems to be a confusion about the different products. 

What you are doing is installing Private Cloud Experiences (Means CML, CDW & CDE etc.) which Needs a CDP Private Cloud Base Cluster which is synonyms of CDH/CM cluster in old days. 

CDP Experience don’t have TRIAL available that’s what the error says Installation of the Kubernetes components of the CDP experience needs a License. 

So if you want CDP Private Cloud Base cluster for TRIAL it's available and you can play around using the doc: &


For Experience install you have to contact Sales Team to get the License. Hope this helps. 

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