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CDP data warehousing catalog creation error


Hi Team,

We have CDP cluster integrated with OpenShift cluster, private cloud setup with all the service like hive, atlas, ranger running. 

When we are creating the Datawarehouse CatLog in management console we are getting the below error in console, can you please help us to find out the cause.

some Errors from management console: 

1. Driver failed to create DB Catalog: IP address is not expected for default warheouse RDS endpoint. Check if RDS is enabled in the env? Error Code : 9999

2. timeout exceeded transitioning from state 'Starting'.Last event: {InProgress checking if metastore statefulset is ready with at least 1 ready replica(s) (config-id: 5afc7144-9409-47e2-a9b9-2c7822adafbf version: 2022.0.7.1-2) 2023-02-09 10:08:44.366274685 +0000 UTC} Error Code : 9999

OpenShift pods log:

/usr/local/bin/config-merger /tmp/hive/conf/ /mnt/config/current/ /etc/hive/conf/ -wf2 -wf2 atlas.kafka.bootstrap.servers -wf2 -wf2 -wf2 atlas.enableTLS -wf2 atlas.jaas.KafkaClient.option.principal -wf2 atlas.jaas.KafkaClient.option.serviceName -wf2 -setfromparams atlas.jaas.KafkaClient.option.principal=$+SERVICE_PRINCIPAL -set truststore.file=/mnt/config/current/truststore.jks -set atlas.kafka.ssl.truststore.location=/mnt/config/current/truststore.jks -set -set truststore.password=changeit -set cert.stores.credential.provider.path=localjceks://file/jceks/secrets.jceks -set atlas.jaas.KafkaClient.option.keyTab=/mnt/config/current/hive


Master Collaborator

Hi @suryawanshinp , 
Looks like the error you list in point (1) can potentially be due to your external postresDB database using an IP address instead of the hostname. Please consult the documentation here:



Kind regards,




@aakulov  : Yes, external postgress DB database configured with IP address as per document link provided, we changed it to hostname . but still getting same error. no luck.

Master Collaborator

I would suggest working with Cloudera support on this, as they would be best suited for analyzing logs and suggesting next steps.

Community Manager

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Diana Torres,
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