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CDP on Azure

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We are in the process of deploying CDP on Azure for our test system and later would move to Production. However, we are stuck with the port requirements for this deployment. 


As per the guidance from Cloudera, initially we were given a huge list of 7k+ port numbers that are required to be opened. That certainly would not pass network restrictions and hence, post further deep dive and discussions, we are currently at a point of getting only 6015 port number opened.


We have also requested for a better explanation of why these 7k+ port numbers or just 6015 is required. However, while we are waiting for a response, I thought of to seek suggestions from the community, if anybody had deployed CDP on Azure and might have come across this. 


Would be great if anyone could advise on below:

1. What is the real need of 6015? I did not find any reference of this port in any of the community documentations by Cloudera

2. Will we really need a list of 7k+ ports to be opened? or anybody has quick list of required ports to be opened and can share that.

3. What are the other best practices / precautions you would have considered if deployed CDP on Azure or any other Cloud provider.





Cloudera Employee

CDP on Azure is in Technical Preview, so please work directly with your Cloudera Account Team on this.